Wildfire Ilona Andrews-Amazing

This book was a screamtastic edge of my seat, tingle my toes, oh so freaking good, stars in my eyes, chocolate mouse on my mind read. I lovingly fondled the pages day and night, never wanted to let them go.
Mad Rogan AKA Connor and Nevada Baylor are in my top of perfectly matched couples list. The banter, tension, and respect is a thing of beauty. This is a never easy, always worth it kind of coupling, tipped with many near death moments, and I love it. How can I not love a “bring it” attitude ? I love them both, total fan nut here.
The villains turned out to not be my most hated characters. That was a client. A back stabbing I’m going to steal your man while using you type of woman. Her picture is on my imaginary dart board and I hit a bullseye- bam.
I adore the new creatures, people and powers, each fits so well into the world and builds up the story for future books. Oh Andrews can you hear my chanting “write, write, write, write…” So, there is a new creature that won my heart, it is amazing and rides well in the back of a truck. See where I’m going with this ? I drive a truck !
I already make apple pies regularly thanks to the Andrews now I’ll be making chocolate mouse too. 
Rumors are that the publisher may not pick up more in this series, are they stupid ? Best seller top of the charts and extreme fan base ? hello wake up


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