Excellent Bottled Tea With Mango and a Slush Recipe

I got a sample of this tea which I didn’t expect much from. Bottled tea is usually a bland experience. So i got my 12 pack took it home chilled it and waited for my friend to come over to try it. Hey don’t judge, I wanted to give her a first taste chance first and she’s a tea snob. So I poured her a glass over ice and waited, she tasted  looked at it, tasted again and said “this is good who makes this.” Well so now I tried, YUM ! Smooth tea with just the right amount of mango flavor and not too sweet.  I think it’s my new favorite quick grab drink form the store.

I live in Houston, in the summer it’s like living on the surface of the sun. We all live for anything cool, refreshing, liquid. I like to make slushes, to cool down. I froze some of this tea in ice cube trays overnight and put a couple bottles in the freezer for an 30 min. I blended them into slush and for the adults added a touch of vodka. Added a fresh crushed spring of mint WINNER ! Easy summer drink that looks and tastes great.


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