The Little French Bistro Has Taken Me Away @43%

I am loving this book. It is so filled with so many delightful moments I am savoring each sentence. It’s perfect for me right now, and I almost didn’t read it based on a couple reviews \*O*/  Sometimes it is hard to not be swayed by others. Not every book is for everyone and vis versa.

Oh the foods, Nina George the author has the most glorious taste in food.  I’m not even half way and have a list of foods to make for my next gathering.  Galettes with goat’s cheese, figs, and butter- baked in the oven. Oh my my heart just leaped 😀 How perfect that will be during a sunset gathering.

The names of the characters and their pets are so wonderful. The cats are named after foods, something I have done. I’ve had a Cioppino, and Esspresso, were two of mine. The dogs are named after royal mistresses, LOL. There is a girl named Océan, love that name. I wish I had it myself.

There is a housekeeper, short lived in the story thankfully who is a sanctimonious cow towards a sweet woman who is not always in her current time. .Her husband bids her au revoir and says “Piety is a sign that a person will do anything to be important in the world”- Love that !!

I am enjoying this book so much I’m already excited to get the audiobook version. This will be a fabulous audiobook if it gets a good narrator. Omg what a movie it would be !!

I’m off for more reading- ta ta for now


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