Woman Power !!

4.5 Fun action packed and visual, with the added bonus of one truly kick arse heroine. The men were okay too even though they took a back seat. Woot Woot , yes they did. Women are the stars, the power the avengers in this book and I loved it. There was a nice touch of a love triangle to keep me guessing on the romance area, which was well done an a very small part of the story. She was fighting for her life and freedom and didn’t have time to stop and worry about her love life much. What a concept her life is more important then who her heart belongs to ?!?!? Ha, ya’ll know what I’m talking about it happens in many books. So another great story from Ms. Maas I’m off to read book 2.B007N6JEII.01.LZZZZZZZ_SX100_.jpg


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