Chocolate Flapjacks That Rocked my Breakfast Table

I don’t normally eat pancakes, they upset my stomach for hours after eating. I don’t have a problem with crepes. It’s the fluffy buttermilk, American style breakfast served in almost all restaurants and homes. I can’t even eat the buckwheat ones so I didn’t have much hope when I tried one of these after making my family breakfast. The taste was drool worthy, the texture light and slightly chewy, fantastic with just a touch of butter and powdered sugar. I ate a whole small flapjack, I couldn’t help myself even when I knew i’d suffer for it. One hour after eating that one little treat and I felt great, and not even hungry after eating such a small amount.  So what did I do I got on their web sit check out their other products, ordered from Amazon and now I wait for more goodies.

These are high protein, whole grains and other goodies, whole food basically like nature intended. I don’t think they could top the dark chocolate but I hope the other products come close.

Kodiak Website


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