A Good Story With a Terrible Main Character

I really enjoyed the story, it held my interest and had me guessing at the how and what. But… The main character was a stereotypical annoying teenager with bad acting. Acting ? Yes, her character felt like an act, I just couldn’t get her to fit well in my mind. She almost took the book into the DNF pile several times. I stayed for the mystery and it was worth it, I think. The ending was a blast to finally get to with a nasty little cliffhanger for one of my favorite characters. I need to decide if I care enough to try more in this series.
The authors note at the end was a nice little bit. this is based on the history of her family. How cool is that ? Hopefully the MC wasn’t. LOL

How was the MC so terrible ?  She was the stupid teenager for some cheesy sitcom. One who lashes out at others without any facts, one who talks tough/strong but is really wishy washy in every thought. She’d love one boy one minute love another the next, she’d hate one person, like them love them. ARGUH it was so frustrating she was such a waffle. The author seemed confused about her too, her personality would change with the wind. It was only this character, isn’t that weird ? Did she write her this way on purpose or did she get lost in her development ?  I actually went back many times to write note to try to figure out where these changes happened and why . No clue they just did, total personality change. I thought the story might lead to her being body snatched by a ghost but that wasn’t it either. It was the writing.

I gave it 2.5 stars the interesting historical story and side characters made it readable.


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