A Much Needed Happy Read



Book one in the sRomance Down Under Set

I loved this New Zealand Island romance. What a wonderful experience. The writing was so vivid I could see the images and walk along side these fabulous characters. This was like taking a vacation without the cost and long flight. The characters, there is no way you can’t help but admire, like and wish the best for them. They have realistic problems, and deal with them is easy to believe ways, and even have believable sex. Yes you heard that right, there were no extreme unrealistic descriptions or actions- thank the gods ! I’m off to read another from this author.

This as a total feel good read for me. I have had a heartbreaking lose recently my loved doggie companion of 14 years passed away suddenly 10 days ago and I have been feeling blue and a touch lost. I worked my life around the little guy he was always there by my side, and a perfect buddy. I got this set free a couple months ago and just got lucky when I decided to give it a go. I’ve always want to visit NZ this was a nice little ¬†mental escape to ease my soul.


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