Pizza Camp Was a Complete Bust

Update since I published this an hour ago I got an email from the publisher, they are sending me a complete book for an updated review. Stay Tuned I’ll be working on the dough recipe first since it’s the bases on the pie


Pizza Camp, by Joe Biddia was a bust

How am I supposed to review a cookbook without any recipes ? I do not know if they were complicated, easy or way off the mark. This was a picture book in the form I was granted for review. I figured out one recipe from a description of sauce, but that was my recipe I used his ingredient list only. It was delicious, I made a mean version of roasted mushroom cream sauce. What I didn’t make was the crusts, the other sauces, the pizzas. I started a pizza trail blog for followers to experience these recipes, except there are none, blank pages are what I got.
So it was a lovely picture book with beautiful pizzas photographs, tempting and drool worthy. The story bits were interesting. The pages where the recipes were printed, blank, open spaces. I hope the printed version is better.

I’ve never had a publisher send me such an incomplete book.  What did they think I’d do with the recipes ? Try them ? Isn’t that what you do with a cookbook ?  So while I was going to photograph my journey here through pizza camp I can only share with you that it was a most disappointing camp experience. I stayed in the cabin the whole time and looked at pretty pictures.

I make my own pizza every Friday, have done so for years. I’ll try to post my recipes from other books and family recipes int he coming months.


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