Cyclist Rides Through Historical Hell

Cycling insanity through snow, ice, angry villagers, drunken drivers, award worthy pot holes, language failures, dark ruins, mad dogs, hunger and extreme physical exhaustion. Insane it might have been, but it was the best non trip I’ve taken. The historical knowledge and visions were better than any history class I’ve attended. The reality of the aftermath of the communist cold war is not something I had ever even thought of before. The best part, I didn’t get a sore bum riding the trail.

This was my first Tim More adventure and it will not be my last. This was a dark trip through history, there is little light to be found in that history. Mr Moore brought some lightness with his brisk humor and honesty. His observations are not something I think I would notice on a trip, I enjoyed his views very much. I would suggest reading this while googling the places to see the landscape he traveled it is amazing,

Living in the USA I am far removed from the landscape facing these countries. i was completely blown away by the aftermath of a time long gone for me. It was heartbreaking to see the reality has not just disappeared fro the peoples living in the areas affected. I am ashamed that I am so naive. I plan on re-reading this book while googling many more areas and looking at historical web sites I found a desire to know more.


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