Lilly Roars

4.5 stars
I love these novels. They are graphic, filled with heart stopping action, and never fail to make me excited about reading again. Mr. Bonansinga wrote the characters as believable types, flawed, brave, evil, crazy and just plain rotten. This is horror, yes, gore and guts but there is so much more. There is a well developed world filled with all the pitfalls you’d expect after such a devastating event.
This book revolved around one of the least likely survivors, a small woman with the heart of a lioness. Lilly has been through the nightmares nightmare, and thinks life is beginning again till a group comes to town and blows all her dreams built out of blood and death into the wind. What she does, how she strives is an amazing story.

I can’t really go into detail without ruining the story for you. If you are not squeamish you should try this series, excellent writing from this author and Mr. Kirkman


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