Heartbreaking Separation Getting More Divided

** Not a political statement** This is an emotional view
This division of country is heartbreaking. I’ve seen such ugliness, such negative emotions spewed towards both sides. Friends fighting, death treats, and complete intolerance. I can not blame the candidates for this, this is something ugly that was brewing many years before this election. We are not the open hearted tolerant beings we think we are, we are judgemental, and forget to tap that down when the times get challenging. Finger pointing, separating, and division has proven throughout history to be the downfall of many before. I love my family, friends and neighbors whoever they voted for, we are in this together all wanting a better life. Now is the time to stand taller and be more than the choice of President. Be that person that makes you proud.tumblr_n74j1uxCWA1qfbvbfo3_500


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