Dresden Files: Wild Card 1 Comic

Harry finds himself and his friends in another jam.
The illustrations are very well done. Expressive and colorful, I enjoyed the art as much as the story.
The characters are all here. I loved the way the artist drew them.The bad guy reminds me of clockwork orange. Thomas, Murphy, Mollie, Godmother, Mouse are all here, drawn to fit their personality.
Puck is the very bad one and is good at it. He’s killing all over town and has everyone twisted into knots.
Dresden gets kicked, does some kicking and throw some magic around, it’s awesome. Harry just keeps getting better.
I loved it, it went along with the story beautifully. I have read the books through the last published one and enjoy seeing the story brought to life, and color.

Jim Butcher is a favorite author, who has never let me down.


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