Monet, France and WW1

This book has much more story than Monet. It centers around him, his work, his family his struggles, but it cover so much more. The first world war is prominent from the early whispers of war to the horrible realities of it. Monet, his famous artist friends, journalists, politicians and the community around him he so loved withered, many died. I learned many interesting details about the war in France from a new perspective, it was fascinating and heartbreaking.
Monet was a off centered man. His quirks had quirks when it came to his paintings and his garden. Luckily for the world his quirks fed his genius. This man was an introvert, loyal to his few friends and family. Volatile and moody he destroyed hundreds of paintings in his outrages. Time held him and the changes drove his paintings.There would be dozens of easels set up along his garden capturing the differences, at seven minute intervals. The need to catch each shadow, change of color, wind direction and seasonal changes.
I learned so much from this story. i learned about the lives of people in France during WW1 the changes, hardships, and suffering as well as the hope and fight for happiness. It is not a book I could read quickly I read it in small bits then found myself thinking about the moments I discovered.
I had no interest in Monet before this. I purchased a puzzle of his water lily painting then say then saw this book offered and thought, why not ? I finished my very difficult puzzle with the help of my adult children while sharing stories about the book with them. History as it should be written, interesting with personal stories is so interesting.



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