NeverNight, Jay Kristoff- Shadows Can Be Your Friend

This is a grand fantasy of lies, betrayals, magics, lusts, secrets, revenge and murders.
Mia, the girl who lived thanks to her shadow. She is a brave 10 year old when we start her story standing below the gallows where is father is to be hung. Holding the hand of her mother who preached that she must not show fear as she watches him dangle the dance of death. This is only the first horror of many to come. Her mother and baby brother are torn from her side, her life is marked for death till a shadow changes the path she is on.
Her life’s desire leads her to a school for assassins. a brutal, cold an heartless place. Friends are questionable, trust is unwise, punishments are severe, trials are deadly. So many secrets, and they are buried deep, some in the formidable library, some in the minds of the unwilling or lost to the dead, the answers could kill them all or save them. That is the trick, and the genius of the story, nobody knows what is under their noses.
I loved all the characters, I wanted to know more, to know them better even the nasty, wicked evil, repulsive ones. They are written with just enough information to complete the picture but not enough to color it in. The colors come slowly, characters true natures changed and I was left gobsmacked.
I loved the shadows out of this one. The ending, omg the ending. I need time to breath again to write a review. If I meet Mr. Kristoff I’m going to Thump him upside the head, he killed off…..Grrrrrrrr ,Mr. Devious Author ! It is not the first book I’ve read from him I love his Lotus War series, and yes I did squeal with delight when offered a chance to review this. Thank you, Mr Kristoff and St. Martins Press.

“…too many books. Too few centuries.” -One of my favorite quirky characters said these words.


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