Oceans Greens Vegan Cookbook and Guide


Food from the sea.

Vegan, Sea Kelp, Algae, Vegetable and Plant nutritional guide and cookbook with gorgeous full color pictures.

The book starts out with an excellent overview of the various kelps, algae, descriptions and their nutritional properties. Then moves on to sea vegetables and plants. There are very clear instructions of the different forms and how they are used. I was shocked to learn that Ice Plants were on the list. I have lived with that pant around me all my life and never knew it was edible.

The second part is all about the recipes. he Cut the Crab Salad, is a new family favorite for picnics. The healthy Happy Bowl was another.  There are so many recipes i have bookmarked to try, like seaweed gnocchi, and the Weed Burger. It might be difficult to find some of the sea plants and vegetables foe many who don’t live near the ocean or a store that carries them, there are some alternative choices to the fresh ingredients.  There are soups, salads, toppings, entrees, breads, desserts and a fantastic looking birthday cake.

It’s so nice to have this book be plant based. I don’t have to convert any of the recipes. I eat kelp at least two times a week now but will now be adding it to many more meals for my family. I found so many different types of sea veggies that I hadn’t felt comfortable using before. I loved this book, drooled over the photos, and recipes and I learned a great deal from interviews and information that is useful. I will be purchasing a hard copy for my kitchen shelf and a couple for gifts.


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