Truth or Beard, Penny Reid

The Winston Brothers = Swooning moments
Six red hot brothers, the Winston boys are the men everywoman wants living in her town. This Duane’s story. He’s tall sexy, honest, hard working, a mechanic, a car racer, and has a red beard. I have a thing for tall sexy and mechanical, with his added sensitive, honest, big hearted moves and I was a goner. Oh and he’s an identical twin, his brother Beau is a bit of a player. His other brothers are as different as can be all smoking hot in different ways.
Jessica grew up with the Winston boys. Duane was the thorn in her side the rock in her shoe the one who did all the dirty ticks on her. Beau was the kind one the friend the one who was always there. When she came back to town after college she had dreams of romance with Beau, and when he dragged her off into a secluded area she jumped him and did all kinds of things she dreamed of for years. Too bad, it wasn’t Beau she dragged off.
I’m not spilling anymore of the story. It’s funny, sweet romantic, fantastic characters, great lines, smoking sexy moments, and just enough conflict to make me stay up all night reading. I already bought book 2 before I even finished this one.

I really hate this cover. I would have not read this book if I didn’t know like author


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