Picnic in Provence- Loved it

Fantastic timing I started this along with the Tour de France 2016. I made the recipes, absorbed the advice, laughed with her misadventures while watching the bikes travel through France.

This book is more than just a memoir. It is a journey of self discovery, enjoying life , simplifying and finding the career that fits. This is also a cookbook, filled with tasty recipes, filled with fresh whole ingredients, seasonal and healthy. There are some very important life lessons learned, simple common sense no voodoo magic or doctor visits necessary. Honest, eyeopening and educational.

When a city girl from New York, marries a frenchman and moves overseas her life is already altered to the extreme. While on a historical  hunting adventure through France they stumble onto a town that will alter their lives in a massive way. They buy an old home, previously lived in by a French poet, her husband admires, they get pregnant, change career plans and directions, and she learns to function as local, slowly and sometimes painfully.

Her moments with the French government, child care, child birth and attitude of raising children is eyeopening. They seem to have such a better grasp on the humanity of bringing children into the world and the woman’s needs. The governmental laid back attitude is a hard adjustment for her, as it would be for any of us who are always rushed to finish, get ahead, to get their first.

I found some of the lessons she learned useful in my own life. Her happiness in infectious! A slight adjustment in my attitude has made a nice change. I have one phrase stuck in my head that came from a man who commented when she broke the unwritten rule of eating while on the go “Watch your kilos” The diet/meal schedule was simple. I gave it a go for 3 weeks, my family loved the large lunches, the soups and fresh breads for dinner, the fresh fruit desserts and didn’t miss snacking at all.

I am going out to get her other book Lunch in Paris this week.

Thank you Goodreads for offering this in your giveaway that I won. 😀


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