Pets on the Couch: Neurotic Dogs, Compulsive Cats, Anxious Birds, and the New Science of Animal Psychiatry by Nicholas Dodman

Too many animals are euthanized for “bad” behaviors. There comes a point where many just can’t take it anymore, and veterinary services and training haven’t helped. I have been there a couple times myself it is devastating. What is these behaviors could be controlled through medication, if it was a medical issue ? The author Dr. Dodman studies animal behavior and has a revolutionary method of treatment that uses the same drugs given to help our behaviors regulate. Yes, human medicines for animals. Think about it, we are animals, our brains and bodies function much the same.
The doctor treats, animals (horses, cats dogs, birds) with OCD, depression, turrets, anxiety, autism…many common human mental issues. He explains in easy to read details about the possible causes of the animals problems and we follow him as he tries different doses of medicines used only for humans before. I was riveted to the pages, the transformation was so amazing for most it broke my heart for all the lives that never had this chance. As a breed rescuer I recognized many of the puppy mill issues and it gives me hope for an easier transformation for them.
This book should be on every animal rescuer, lover, veterinarian, vet techs, breeder’s shelf. Priceless information and education. Great work, excellent writing, I’m a fan of this Dr.

*I was lucky enough to have received an advanced copy of this book for a unbiased review from the publisher



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