Growing Dragon Fruit In SE Texas

It all started with one little segment 5 years ago. My good friend and fellow  ex-Californian gave me a small segment of this plant to start after our huge move to Texas. I didn’t expect it to live, the weather here is extreme, but it thrived. I have been spreading sections out to neighbors and friends, my plan is to have this growing all of Houston. LOL  The flowers are blooming are they are a wondrous thing to see at almost a foot long (21″) they are a show stopper. Here are some pictures taken by my hubby.

If you’ve never tried the fruit you are missing out it tastes so good.

Can you believe the inside of that flower ? It is alien !

Here are some shots from last years harvest

I’ve learned a lot about these plants over the years. The information online really didn’t offer much help, it failed on many directions that actually hurt the plant.



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