The Tenth is Ten. The Curse of teh Tenth Grave, Draynda Jones


Let me warn you before you open the book. This 10th book in the series will pick you up throw you smack dab against the wall, your lust will ignite into black flames, you’ll hover in denial-ville, and you’ll beg for more. Yes, once again, Ms. Jones, has feed her Charlie Davidson addicts well, 5 star meal ! I am still starving, and want more.
What a ride. I was left with drool dripping down my chin after those last few chapters finished with me. The book was an edge of the knife ride from the first chapter. Charlie, has learned so much, absorbed too many truthes ? She is filled with doubts, questions and hard choices. Did I say hard choices ? Just when you think she is doing the hard thing, it gets worse. She must do something so hard, so heartbreaking I nearly ripped open the tissue box grabbing for more. I have goosebumps on my arms now just reliving the pages.
The book is very Charlie centered. She had just ascended to something beyond easy acceptance in the last book. She has a lot of finding herself to do. Reyes, Cookie and the gang are there and fantastic as usual. There is the hottest kiss scene, in my humble opinion, happening at the dinner, knock it out of the universe hot. My glasses are still steamed up. There are some HUGE revelations about Reyes. That’s all I’m saying about that.
Loved it, LOVED IT !


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