City of The Lost, Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong writes books that I enjoy reading. She wraps her stories around characters, very interesting deeply layer characters. Her other books are paranormal character reads, this one is suspense/thriller, I wasn’t sure if it would fit with me. I am an unreal monster fan. Silly me, I was so glued to this book I skipped out on work and feeding the family. Cereal is a healthy food right, three times a day ? Okay I wasn’t that bad but close.

So what do I tell you a bout this book ? The blurb does not give it justice, very underwhelming. I almost didn’t read it after reading the blurb, so don’t go on the blurb. Well there is a detective, who has a secret, a needy friend and a huge heart. Huge as in she gives her friend everything she can. I admired her, wished for a friend like her. But dang the sacrifices, are major. Okay that’s enough there, no spoilers given here.

There are twisted twists, liars, cheats and dead bodies. There is a stoic man, a drug dealer or two, some ladies of the night, trees. Northern Lights, and a Fox. Every page brings new light on the story, I did not see the who done it, at all. I loved it and am buying it on audio too so I can listen to it again to see if I missed clues.

I loved it. Loved the setting, the characters the pacing, all of it.


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