Escaping Scientology

4.5 eye opening stars !
I wasn’t a fan of her before I listened to this. I’ve never seen any of her shows. I’m not a TV watcher. When I ended her story I was her fan, not for her acting but for her mouth, her loud never cower attitude. She was beaten down emotionally, publicly, and she slightly bent but never broke. She witnessed the crazy, was aware that something was not as it was said to be. Double standards, backstabbing, preferential treatment, mental abuse, physical abuse, money gorging, and more. She tried, wanted to believe she was changing the world, wanted something she dedicated her life to, to be honest. She stood, faced the ugly giant Church of Scientology bullies, lost many “friends” and gained her true self, with true friends.
I did not expect to enjoy this. I went into it expecting to drop it. I know negative thinking. Leah, is a fabulous story telling, so honest, and open about such important and personal years. Educational !
Bravo Leah !


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