Working on Finding Inner Peace Today

I purchased an ocean surf background sound relaxation track that lasts 20 min. I need a timed program to keep me from stoping to look at the dang clock. The beach is crazy crowed no relaxing there so I have the beach in my ear plugs. Life has been so crazy the last few years, it has done some damage. I have had sleep problems, problems staying awake during the day, lack of motivation, and depression. Depression is a real funked up way to do the day let me tell you.  I need to get back to a happy place for me.

I was doing really well last year after reading Russell Simons,  Success Through Meditation book. He has you meditate for 20 min in the morn 20 min at night for success. It worked ! I made more money, felt fantastic and people were drawn to me. It was kind of freaky. I felt like I had this inner power glow going on,  and I lost 40 lbs. “Super meditation power activated !” Yeh, it was great but life slapped me, got all busy, and over scheduled. I started to slip from twice a day to once then to none. 😦  I started to make less,  stopped enjoying doing anything really except eating. I gained 30 lbs back. isn’t that messed up ? More depression, and isolation. I was not in shape to do what I loved most, spiral of unhappiness activated. Here I am barely functioning, forcing myself to get out and try  to live like normal and so very unhappy.

So to wrap it up. I am unhappy, depressed, and barely functioning at minimal levels. I have found something that works for me but let it fade away. I am kicking my arse and taking a  life redo. I need to take my 20 minutes first before any other issues. Why is it so hard to stick with something when it’s really working ?




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