The Fireman, Joe Hill

2.7 stars
I finally finished this ! I liked it (or did I) I am wavering. Dang it was too long, like a visit from my In-laws. My first thought when I finished it was “Finally” There was enough action, enough death and destruction, but it was too closed in. There were too few characters, too few places, the book stayed in one place too long for my taste. The story got stale, before 50%. Yes, the story moved forward but the circumstances, the people just “Baaa” (sorry that slipped out) yeh the sheep just followed slowly even when the wolf was drooling on their wool. I can’t stand it when life/circumstances suck’s, really down and nasty and people just go along with it. Harper, she was a either an idiot, or an angel trying to be the do good person, with sprinkles of fairy powder or a few times real guts and thinking.
I wasn’t surprised by much in the story, I could see the answers way too early. Predictable. There was a person who was to be cast out of the flock, it was a mystery to all in the flock but not to this reader. I then spend the next few hundred of page following the bouncing ball through the cult’s wacky ways.
The characters where lightly developed. We knew them, but I never felt that connection when the author develops them better. I didn’t get to really know them out side of this time bubble story. This might not have seemed so important if the story had been shorter. The images, appearances of the characters were much better developed than they were. I wanted to continue knowing that person the image presented was amazing.
The end. The way it ended left me wondering, why I bothered spending all that time.

  • Bad news I nibbled so much on salty, sugary snacks to stay awake, I think I gained a few pounds. Luckily today was a fasting day, I’m feeling better already. I found a new love in a store bought cracker box.  Yes, they had just enough bite to keep me awake and the soy flavor was scrumptious. be aware they are addictive and very salty. Note to Nabbisco, lower the salt on these !
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