3.5 stars
Have you ever dreamed of just buying a house in the French countryside ? Imagine living in the beauty of the country surrounded by bounty that is France. This couple did just that, they bought an old farmhouse in the middle of the country, know little French, and little about the ins and outs of living there. They jumped, and had an adventure few of us could even dream of living.
They purchase an old home with all the charm and hidden issues of a old structure. Things go wrong, very wrong, but the beauty and the peace the place offer makes them push on. It does get hard the strain puts a strain on their relationship.
Trips through the countryside, to small villages are wonderful to read. The meals are delightful, a celebration of good food and company. Recipes are included !
I really enjoyed most of this trip with them. It was slow paced relaxed and peaceful even when walls fell and floors went wonky. There was one part of the story that I did not enjoy and it was towards the end. Their was an issue with jealously, that seemed so trivial compared to everything else I’m not sure how it even got put in the book. The way it was handled was treated in my humble opinion like there was an infidelity. I thought one of them acted extremely selfish and childish basically. It just didn’t fit in with how they treated each other the whole story. This part really bothered me, it was a torn on a rose petal, it didn’t belong.



He had a young girl, who was selling carpet to him, flirt (harmless) with him, snd he barely noticed. His wife got upset that he didn’t tell her. Hello he didn’t even really notice ?!?! S she took off, leaving him with no way to contact her. She went to a  hotel in Paris, took one of the dogs and wasn’t sure in the relationship could be saved ?  Really ? I thought she acted like a spoiled brat. I’m glad it came towards the end of the book I would have quit reading if it had happened in the beginning.


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