If Bees Are Few, James P. Lenfestey

How do you review a book on poetry written by so many different people ? I loved a few poems, liked a few more was stumped by several, and disliked only a couple. I am not a poetry reader, I stretched my mind for the bees. Some of these I had to read slow and carefully, then think after finishing them to judge my feeling. Ouch, thinking is so rare in most of my books. LOL There were a few that I got right away, I felt something. This is a collection, not every poem is for every person.
The facts, educations and reality written in between the various poems was what I enjoyed the most. Bee’s are a gift and a treasure to this world, one we can’t live without. There are little pushes to plant flowers, keep the pesticides out of your gardens and live a bee friendly life. I agree we must alter our present path.
Did I love the book, no. I would buy it for friends who love poetry, for my bee keeper friends YES, it’s the perfect gift. I was inspired by the little buzzers. I went out and bought a bee hive cake mold to serve for tea. Hint if you are looking for a gift this book with the cake mold, win win. 😀
Thank you NetGalley for the chance to stretch my wings and review this


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