Adult Child Friendships Can Be Honest @40%


This is a hard book to read. It is painful, heartbreaking and yet has so much sweetness. I am so glad I took the recommendation to review it. There is a serious bond between a young  girl child and a young man that has some tongues wagging. I understand but think they have not looked beyond that creeper door at the other options. Without this man in her life, her life would have been so much worse.

I love Kellen, what a man he is. I had a male friend like this when I was a kid. He was the father I should have had, and is still my BFF after over 30 years. There wasn’t this huge suspicion of attention to children that there is now. I hear all the people complaining about this relationship and i get it, but I also get the relationship.

I am afraid to keep reading I know people with good intentions, but negative thinking will interfere and perhaps destroy the bond


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