Koreatown: A Cookbook by Matt Rodbard , Deuki Hong

The Korean cookbooks I’ve read have not had much diversity in the recipes. You can find just about the same recipe with slight variations in each book. I purchased this one based on review I read from a blogger who talked about the kimchi dumplings. Kimchi dumplings ! SOLD. Yes I bought a book based on one recipe, I love dumplings and kimchi. The recipe was fabulous, really fabulous, make a double you’ll need it. So it was worth the money right there but I found so many more goodies. This is a collection of recipes from Koreatowns around the country, some classics, most are twisted classics. I found many vegetarian or easy to adapt vegetarian recipes. There is a white kimchi made with soda that is one my list to make next, along with many sauces. The use of tradition seasonings and spices thrilled me, no watering down here.
There are many comments from chefs, celebrities, and other Korean food enthusiasts. They are funny, educational, and enlightening.
I could tell you about all the recipes I found that I am planning on making but I’m not. When you read this you’ll find your favorites an some new ones to try. I found this to be a great source book for some new idea even beyond the recipes here. It goes on my shel as one of my three top Korean recipe books


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