My Holiday in North Korea, Wendy Simmons

What a dangerous, fascinating and unhappy place to visit.
This American Imperialist found some of this story funny but mostly it was sad. The people are so controlled, and manipulated that it broke my heart. The brain washing of the people is heart wrenching. The book was written with a sense of humor so it wasn’t dark and gloomy but certain aspects hit me hard. It is very hard for me to see anyone suffer and be controlled.
The bathroom drama had to be the funniest thing in the book. She stayed dehydrated so she wouldn’t have to use them any more than she had to. How this great leader trio, yes trio, long story, thought they could get away with be so superior without running water, toilet paper and the need for discussions just to use one is crazy. Oh the discussions, with any slight adjustment came a discussion. Everything about the visit was over the top looney-ville. The whole show they put on for the world visitors is crazy time, Twilight Zone acting.
This is one travel location I have zero interest in visiting. I saw more of the country through Ms. Simmons eyes than I ever expected to. I was worried for her safety, worried for her handlers, her driver, that at any moment they would do or say the wrong thing. I couldn’t put this book down I finished it in one day. My last thought was that I am so glad to be considered an American Imperialist



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