Four Lions, Chris Shindler

My family are diehard Manchester United fans, they are the best you know. Okay now that we have got that over with you can understand how this book about 4 great English football/soccer captains would grab my attention. Billy Wright, Bobby Moore, Gary Lineker and David Beckham. Who wouldn’t want to understand these great icons ? As an American I have not ever read or heard of much of the stories told here, and they fascinated me. Why couldn’t school history have been so interesting ?
It’s not all about football it’s about the force of the war, the economy, the country’s mood and the profits. I read each page mesmerized by the amount of thought and effort that went into recovery that centered around this sport. I was floored I had no idea, history lovers you have to read this.
The choice of captain is well thought out. The captain has a huge role to play and is held to a high standard. It is a wonder that they hold up so well with all the expectations, which change with times.
I really stepped out of my comfort zone by reading this book and I so glad I did. I have plans to reads more from this author. I enjoyed his style very much.
Thank you NetGalley for the chance to review this.


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