Lola and The Boy Nextdoor-early thoughts

@ 30%

I love book 1, Anna and the French Kiss, sweet romantic and what a setting ! This one is set in one of my favorite US cities, San Francisco.  I spent a lot of time this as a teen, with my boyfriend, my family and loved every inch of the city. It was also a city I had glorious memories of time with my first love. We traveled there form So. Cal. to camp/climb, explore several times a year. This book is so close to my real life is is bordering on being heartbreaking for this reader. While Lola is facing her lost first love, I lost mine forever and still regret the choices I made during the stupidity of my youth. Ah, the road not traveled, the bridges burned, the battles not fought. I think that is why I am able to connect to this author so well. She writes about real people problems with realistic character that can connect with many different types, and situations.  I like these people. I like Max even though I want him to lose, I think.  Well this book has me thinking, about the what if’s the right choices and what is the wrong choice ? Is there such a thing ? I’m not sure, I think maybe there are only choices that leave more scars, than others, more experience.



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