Broken Juliet, Leisa Rayen

This was a 4 star listen for me except for the excessive drinking, it dragged it down to -three. The first half + of the story she was drinking, grabbing a drink, wanting a drink, being drunk, sick drunk… ARGUGH ! I understand she was messed up in the head/heart but it consumed the pages to the point I was getting a contact high. I would have liked to hear about it less and more about her time with Tristan or even more wallowing, anything.

Sadly what I got out the the first 5-65% was just “Forget this thinking I’m getting drunk” Boring !!

They had a ton of damage to repair, scar tissue to remove and trust to build. This all happened in the last 1/4 of the book which was fabulous. I loved the choices they made, they were intelligent, respectful and not buried in alcohol. The relationship, and the characters finally became more. The ending was not a shock but I was shocked at how they got there. The maturity level jumped.
Can you tell I’m not fond of the drink till drunk solution to life in my entertainment ? It doesn’t work and it to glorified by authors/media/social circles far too many times. I have a personal issue with this common acceptance alcohol abuse. Two times I’ve been nearly killed by drunk drivers and 4 times so far I’ve lost friends to alcohol stupidity. Yeh I am riding my high horse, perhaps but this is my opinion.


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