Life After Dane, Edward Lorn

4.5 freaking intense stars. Fantastic narration ! Get this on audio folks, you will love it.
Now for a review. How am I supposed to review this Mr. Lorn ? If I talk about any of the parts it will open a window into the delicious wickedness that these pages slowly revealed in a soul screaming process that was always slightly out of reach. The answers that are there, but they aren’t. Blurred lines with clattering teeth kidnapped my dreams and turned them to suspense filled nightmares. One word kept escaping my mouth F*ck. How can I review a book when the best word to describe it is a “naughty” word ? Well I can talk about one of the characters.
I hated the MC, aka Dane’s mother, with such intensity, pure hate. I don’t think I’ve had such a strong reaction to a character before. I loved to hate her, it felt good, dark and disturbed. There is something wrong with that isn’t there ? ARGUH, she played the victim card, the mouse card, the ostrich and the good Christian woman deck, she was a hot mess of excuses with no good cards to play.
So my final take is, F*ck yeh !


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