Marked in Flesh, Anne Bishop 50%


Mini rant warning:

Humans can be such assholes ! Unless you happen to live in a cave with only animals as friends you probably have already realized this simple fact. Oh but Ms. Bishop does an excellent job of developing the most vile types of humans, terrorists.  This Humans First group are despicable and I feel nothing when they are marked for death. Yes I am cheering for The Others, they are fair, honest and upfront. I can’t help but compare what is going on in the world to the actions in these pages. There is a scene where they are going to throw a woman into a building fire alive, because she serves food to Others ?!?!?!?!?! Horrible ! They are killing, burning, beating and destroying anything in the name of “right”

I love this series, love the characters, love the world and it’s complications. I also completely hate the bad guys, no good will towards them at all. Nope, nada, zip. What a perfect mix, right ? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in this world. 😀  Off to read more



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