Her Fated Cowboy, Donna Michaels

This one of many Kindle freebies I picked up that I’m finally reading.


Slow build up, second chance romance, with some hot sheet wrangling.
Enjoyable, not knock me off my feet.
Cole is a broken man, closed off and sparky towards others. His wife died,years ago and he blames himself and doesn’t want to experience any happiness out of guilt. He is so prickly I was hoping for a good section of the book that she’d just tell him to rot all alone in Hades. But the patience of a strong woman, got those sticks pulled out and he became something wonderful.
Jordan, is a cop and a restaurant owner in LA. She is also grieving, she lost her husband to a bullet during a robbery 2 years earlier. She has gone through her stages and is climbing back up the hill to be with the living.
These two grew up together, she has a school girl crush on Cole which ended when she left for college. When their parents called her to come for a party she couldn’t say no. The she saw her old friend, well the shell of him, she had to help him move on. Of course the parents set the whole thing up. So begins the fight, win or draw she will not lose.
I didn’t find really any humor in this read. I would have liked some to lighten up Cole’s darkness. he really was a jerk in the beginning. The sex was steamy and made me swoon for that spiky cowboy. I liked it but not enough to read more in the series.


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