Waylaid, Kim Harrison

I really didn’t see how this could work bring these two extremely different world together, but it did. The story started out with confusion for the characters and me the reader then it slowly brought the lose ends together to make a very interesting story line. Peri, needs Rachel’s help. I am so worried about her after reading The Drafter. I’m hoping that what Rachel did in the closet will help her in her next book. The tow world came together magically, I want more. I loved team Peri/Rachel
Rachel is out on the town with Trent when she appears in a different place. Summoned and pissed, she lashes out at the naive man in front of her. Peri, watches as her drunk partner Jack goes down unconscious. Rachel is dumped into a ley line dead world and Peri is launched into something she doesn’t believe in, magic. Rachel brings in someone to help, Jenks. Together these three develop a plan, put it in action and learn some new things.


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