Falling for the Ghost Of You, Nicole Christie

Rolling on the floor laughing romantic fantasy YA
The story is about a seventeen year old teen girl Violet, who took on her mothers cancer, bills, school, and a horrendous boyfriend situation only to stumble into the most gorgeous man at her worst moment. Her and her mother have an extremely strong and close relationship, and when her mother tell her she is getting married, she is thrilled for her. Everything is about to change for them, the fiancee is extremely rich so they will not have money issues anymore. He also has a son, Zane, and yes, he is the one that saw her at her worst and is jaw dropping drool worthy handsome. This is the beginning on the funniest scene I’ve read of hoof in mouth disease. I’m not telling you anymore, it would ruin the ride.
The only negative thing I can say about the book is Violet’s immature actions, and attitude get on my nerves a bit but it was an accurate example of teen coming into adulthood issues.

What surprise, I found in this kindle freebie, lost and forgotten on my shelf. I loved the humor, had the best laugh at this mother daughter hoof in mouth experts duo.
Read it, it’s romantic, funny and unrealistic, which is prefect.


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