Reviewers Burn

I made a mistake, I accepted a book from an author for review. ~sigh~ I have a rule to never accepted a book from a new author directly. If i write an honest review that is not good, they have been known to argue to points. She begged, she sent me candy, chocolates, I was drugged and so I excepted. I started reading it last night after finishing a book I loved every word of. I probably should have waited till my high expectations settled down. I feel asleep, head bobbing syndrome, while sitting at my desk reading it. Dullllllllllll, start. AT 4% I started getting miffed at the dumb similes, two on every page so far @ 10%, and now the MC is comparing her events to Meyer’s Twilight over and over…..Holy Worded Hades, I am burning bellow. Worst starting of a book I’ve read yet. and I have 480 pages of this. Can you hear my whine ? You should have it was tortured. I feel I have to read it, but if it continues I will skim, skim, skim through the pain.

Then I have to write a review. Hopefully this was the only questionable part. Hey I can hope.


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