Painted faces, L.H. Cosway

I’m at 95% and I don’t want this to end ! I love Viv and Fred they are so interesting and work so well together. I am a character reader, I can take a poor story if the characters are fabulous. I don’t think this was poor story. I’ve read many of the reviews there are so many complaining about it being too long, in need of serious editing….. wah wah. Perhaps, from another POV it does. I can’t say they are wrong ! (but they are) 😀 Yes, I love this book ! I adore this authors characters and the situations she had them deal with worked for me. it was like watching Friends, we watched them live everyday lives, do (gasp) normal household things and enjoyed it. Some readers are calling for a cut ?!?!?!? (I’m feeling faint)  No, no, no, sure there is a good portion of this book that has us following them around while they do normal things that don’t push the characters into reaction mode. This was my time to drink my tea, sit back and get to know them better Watch the little moments that shined light on their quirks and their hearts. I really loved this book, LOVED IT. Now I have to read the last few pages and try to move on. ~sigh~

This sounds like a review, weird right ? I can get ranty sometimes when I let the mind go where it wants. I don’t have anyone to talk about this book with, everyone I now is waiting to see what I thought or they read it. I can’t get some bits from swirling around in the old melon. I even dreamt about it last night.


** Update 5 star favorite book ! 



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