Get off on the Pain (Pain, #1) by Victoria Ashley

Holy Flaming Hot Ducks ! This freebie was not the lame duck I’d expected.

Memphis, just released from prison, returns home to find his brother missing, and a sexy renter living across the street. His issues leave him uninterested in the neighbor, at least he’s goes with that for now. His first step is to find the brother he vowed to protect. Him and his brother have some serious ..stuff to deal with. These two have been screwed with by their father, the police and each other.

Lyric the sexy in your face girl across the street is not one to shy away from the alpha blow offs from one sexy beast named Memphis. He has something that is too alluring to avoid as she sort of wants to. He’s a jerk, cold, hot and well a jerk but still she is the moth to the flame. Her job is too perfect, you’ll have to read to find out what she does. She is tenacious, smart, never weak or humble, not a shrinking violet and I loved her.

The story is intense, the lust thick and not instantly quenched, but when it is it’s steaming hot. I liked the long wait for satisfaction, earned is alway more pleasurable IMHO. Good read, I’ll read more from this author.


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