Where I End and You Begin by Andra Brynn

18135071What a shocker.I did not expect to enjoy this, it’s a NA, which I’ve had poor luck with. I was ready to quit at 10%. I hated the MC Bianca, and her drunk, sexed up, sluty life style. She is everything I can’t stand in young women. I know that is harsh and judgmental , I feel mean. She is hard to understand at first she comes off and this total party girl lost in her bottle of anything with alcohol. I saw something, a question not answered. Why was she on this path of utter destruction ?

The author did a fabulous job of making me want the answers without sticking the question right in my face. Her story slowly unwinds just a bit at a time, it’s so well done you don’t even know you’re being hooked. I had to follow the tale, then I started to feel for her, hate, disgust, pity and finally hope. She did the same with the male MC, while he was likable in the beginning I didn’t know where he from coming from till almost the end. What a weaver of words Ms Brynn is.

The story was kind of silly in my humble opinion, girl on path of destruction meets man that saves her from herself and changes his life forever. There is a smack you upside the head revelation about Daniel that I never saw coming.This changed the whole view of the characters. Finally an author who understands that, such a big revelation would change attitudes. The end, I saw coming from the 50% point in the book but ti wasn’t about the end it was about the journey of these two. Life’s pain sticks, alters and doesn’t just disappear.

Excellent character development, great pacing, and suspense.

I loved the writing and can’t wait for more from Ms. Brynn



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