How Not to Die by Michael Greger

Very interesting read. I read part one a month or so ago. The first part was filled with stories of bad health gotten better with diet changes, tests, studies and lies told to us by the media, publishers and officials.

There is almost a nagging about vegan/vegetarian life style. Every health issue comes  down to eat veggies, fruit, nuts beans. Every chapter, ends this way. It felt drilled, maybe because I’m already a vegetarian it nagged me more than I needed to hear ? I did learn a lot of new things from part one, there is a huge wealth of information on diseases and prevention. I loved it even with the nagging issue.

Part two is short but a direct hit. Amazing food advice, a quick daily dozen checklist idea. Fast simple ways to ad these super foods into your daily diet. There are some recipes, I tried the Caesar salad variation and it was fabulous.

I have to give it a huge 5 stars plus. This is a book I would buy for my family and friends.


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