My Quest to Make the Perfect Rosemary Bread

I am reading, I am. I’m reading two wonderful reads at the same time. Both emotional, which explains why I’m eating my weight in bread. So I’m reading an ARC , The Undoing, Shelly Laurenston, and Jill Shalvis’s, Second Chance Summer- excellent reads, reviews coming. I’ve been eating and fanning myself alternatively their is some seriously great sex in both.

There is this store near me called Market Fresh, it’s an upscale market filled with devious delights worth the high prices. They have a bread that I am willing to drive the 20 miles jus to buy, Salted Rosemary bread. I’m telling you this bread has stolen a corner of my heart. I have fresh rosemary growing around my house so I’ve been experimenting away. I had one loaf come out flat, one didn’t taste like rosemary at all, and these loafs that look good, smell fabulous, but don;t have the shine I’m looking for. The good news is I’m almost there, developing my own recipe, one crunchy step at a time. So now take a look at these loaves. What do yo think ?



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