Great Writing With a Disappointing Rushed Ending

b007fer9m6-originalThis book was written so beautifully the world so exquisitely I actually slowed down to better absorb each detail. The architecture, landscape and streets of Ireland, Dublin and small village so vivid I felt I was there seeing and even smelling the environment. It was just an amazing experience to read her beautiful writing.
The story was riveting. A romance about a love grown apart for some unknown reason. An upper class man form an Estate fell in love with one of the staff’s daughter. They had a young beautiful love till one day she disappeared. Years later, she returns to find her old flame engaged, enraged, and confused about what made her leave. Forced to work together, they fight, kiss, fight and things get dangerous when another factor comes at them.
I loved 95% of this book, really loved it. It would have been a 5 star read if it weren’t for the rushed ending that just didn’t fit the book. There was this glorious long romantic tale with suspense, danger, lies and cheating then it all just was okay. Everything was just fine, she had the ring, nobody questioned anything and it was over. The last 5% wasn’t romantic or believable, it was almost as if another writer stepped in and finished it i under 10 minutes. Even with that disappointment, I would jump at the chance to read her works again, Ms. Fox is a gifted wordsmith.


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