Dying for a Living, Kory M. Schrum @ 25%

What a fresh twist of the zombie story. The zombie takes deaths for paying clients. She can die or them them be brought back, they go on a little poorer but alive and well. She suffers a slight lag for a few days then is back and dying again. When she is set up for a very different appointment, everything goes wrong. Great characters, interesting mystery and very good pacing. I think I found another author to follow. I found her through Darynda Jones, (fav author) who reviewed it.

Big huge bonus book #1 is free right now on Amazon- Amazon US

Okay so I’m watching World cup Rugby and need some chips and dip but there are no chips. Grrrr, no time to run to the store. I had some romaine lettuce so I sliced it up poor my enchilada sauce on added some beans, sour cream cheese and jalapeños threw it under the boiler and it came out fantastic. So I had to eat it with a fork, only downfall there was. I think I might even like it better than with he chips. Try it


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