Apple Pie, Paparazzi, and Heartbreak

Andrea is a single mom with two boys. She has been burned by her taste in men and refuses to follow her hormones but her brain this time. Too bad Ice is the bad boy that tingles her body to her happy place. He is the train wreck she needs to avoid. Hollywood royalty with a closet full of issues, is repealed by relationship and marriage, just NO. He is in town to film a reality show feature the pie shop where Andrea works. Andrea is hoping to increase sales through the publicity and help her boss keep money flowing in. She knows he is not the one, he knows he is not the one, but that doesn’t stop the tingles.<br/>Apple pies, cotton fruit, broken freezers, great sex, hospital visits, health department closures, nice guys and more. This was not my favorite of the series so far but it was fun. These books are quick fun and heartwarming with HEA endings. I loved the apple recipe in the back of the book, you have to try it. <br/>Wade the contractor is up next and I look forward to his story. Bravo Ms. Lee


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