Rumor Has It, Jill Shaves Catching Up on My Series

0425255824-original I love this series about saved people and animals. I’ve read the latest and the first two now I am filling in the in-between books. This one starts out with a young man back to the home town he ran from. Back from war wounded and not fit for duty anymore, faced with the problems he ran away from without resolving. He runs into a very shy stubborn woman who has crushed on him since they were 10, a women who is his sister’s BFF and off limits. Too bad she didn’t get that memo because she wants him bad and is not that willing to let shyness stop her.

I am stepping back from reading ARC’s till after the first of the year, and am enjoying that decision. It is so nice to be able to read a series one book after the next and not have to wait a year or more.

I can’t wait to see where this may take me food wise. I think I might be in for some good old country cooking. Oh I think pie might be nice. 😀


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