Midnight Burning, Karissa Laurel

Nordic Loving Urban Fantasy

Midnight Burning – Karissa Laurel
A Nordic myth loving-fest with action, mysteries and sexy Nordic men.
Solina is morning the death of her brother. She goes to the small town in where he lived and worked to find answers and settle his affairs. She suffers from dreams, terrible nightmares that involve her brothers death and a wolf like creature. she wants to find some answers. First she must deal with two very different men who knew him well.
Aleksander Thorin looks like a Viking, ice blond, imposing body with a side of menace. He comes off gruff and cold.  This Nordic hunk was her brothers employer. Val was his friend, and is excited to have her in town. He is the intense yet flirty fun guy that her brother brought home with him before.  Both imposing, both sexy, both hiding something, secrets hidden always come out eventually.
This town, these people, the mystery changes everything as Solina knows it. Her light will finally shine, as the truths unfold. As her knowledge increases so does the danger. She must place her life in the hands of these men, but she doesn’t do it blindly. She keeps her head centered on the goal, and doesn’t fumble into rescue me princess mode.
Fantastic urban fantasy, with just the right amount of action, danger, mystery, hunks, gods, tease of romance, and mythology to make my reading heart happy. Wonderful world building and character development, and this is a first book ! Absolutely, an author to watch and follow if her first book was this great.

” He was beautiful…in the same way a size hundred pound feral tiger is beautiful.”- this is about Thorin, meow, get me some catnip

“Regrets are like scars-emotional wounds that never heal quite right.”- truth

I didn’t cook anything. I couldn’t put this book down long enough. I ate graham crackers and peanut butter. Yes, it was that good. Grab this one


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