Eclair Update- Failed Recipe 2 out of 5 Taste Buds

I made the recipe on my previous post from Taste of Home. It was better than the grocery store version less then a good bakery.  What was off for me ?

1) The pastry was very eggy, all I could taste was egg.

2) The filling was meh, it lacked that custard texture and taste I look for in a good eclair. Then the fact that the recipe called for so much of it. I had over twice the amount I could use. If you make it 1/2 the filling

3) The frosting. If I had added that much powdered sugar is would have been sickening sweet and glue like. I added 3 TBSP of powdered sugar and it was still a little sweet for my preference. I prefer a semi sweet dark flavor to contract the sweet custard filling.

I think you can tell I would not  make this again. It sounded easier than making custard from scratch but it really wasn’t, the taste and texture suffered for the pudding whipped cream fold. The worst of it was that my craving for eclairs was ruined after reading such an excellent book filled with deviously delicious pastries.

Here are some photos. My dogs enjoy their hard work with some whipped cream.

DSCN9724 DSCN9725 DSCN9726 DSCN9727 DSCN9729 DSCN9721


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