The Girl on the Train- at 70%

What a dank book this is. Terrible main character, miserable, drunk, insecure, rude, nosey, intrusive, and a liar. I am listening to this on auto and the narrator is so fabulous she is the only reason I can stand this book at all. I really dislike this woman in every way.

This is the first book in along time that I have no desire to cook any theme recipes for. If I was a drinker I’d be getting drunk with a couple bottles of wine or a gin and tonic, That is about he only thing consumed.

I’ve heard this book is genius, fantastic, wonderful a best seller. Why ? I don’t see it. The plot doesn’t intrigue me, I don’t care what happened to either woman. The other characters just leave shallow marks in the story.

Well, lets see how the rest of it plays out. At this point I would not recommend this to anyone.


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